Why the fuck not?

I ask a simple question...  Why not argue about stupid shit with random people on any site?
Really, what difference does it make?  So many comments telling people to ignore they're 1st amendment rights and keep quiet, just because some people don't wanna read a pointless argument over some obscure topic.  Why keep quiet in the first place?  Some conversations with people you actually know could ruin a relationship, so why not manifest that into expression that will have no real backlash?  And you can be sarcastic, condescending, and arrogant.  No one is hurt.  So let a metal music comment thread go into religion, let a tragedy turn into a slam on societies and traditions, let people say what they want to say, without any real repercussion.  Your voice at times should be anonymous, because to speak what you feel might cause someone else to actually go out of they're way to ruin your name or reputation.  I hold back, as most of my friends do, so much I would say, out of spite, anger, or just simple bluntness because the consequences aren't worth the effort.  I speak through a character here, but with honest truthfulness at times.  I have learned that EVERYONE does not want to hear the truth when you are ready to say it, and that "truth" is simply an observation followed by an honest opinion.  For the only truth in life is that we die, every thing else is up to interpretation, speculation and analysis.  So let the pointless banter continue, because it is entertainment and release, and not that long ago, speaking against a church got you tortured to death...  Please do not forget that.
-Mr. Motherfucking Mustaid
Uploaded 09/18/2013
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