why the hell would someone wanna be a stripper

i posted this today as a comment to a blog i read about a girl wanting to become a stripper. i found it important enough, in my mind, to put it as a blog also. a little background on me first. i am 26 years old, when i was 18 (right out of highschool) i started doing security for private party dancers. these are the girls that do bachelor parties, birthday parties, one on one shows, whatever. as of a few years back i got tired of working for another agency ( company that advertises and sends these girls) and i started my own company.
i got into this business because when i was a kid, my dad and his fiancee were dancers. now keep in mind, this was the 80s and coed strip clubs were alot more common. i knew all the girls and guys who worked there, they were friends of my dads. in fact, we lived in an apartment above the club so when dancers got tired and needed a break, theyd come upstairs. many times (because of a lack of a babysitter) i would go into the club. the owner knew me, all the dancers knew me, and it was over 20 years ago so strangely people didnt have a problem with it. i spent my youth hustling drunks for quarters on sit down cocktail video games like pacman and galaga. i even used to help my dads fiancee sew their outfits.
ive spent alot of time around dancers, and in that atmosphere, i am comfortable.
in my life ive known alot of dancers, and as such ive been privy to the people they really are. the 'girl behind the g string if you will.' ive heard these womens life stories, traumas, good times, and bad times. so i think i have an unparelleled insight into who these people are. i think it broke my dad when he found out i was in the same business. he did it to try and give me a better world and he realized he made a mistake by exposing me to his world. am i sorry? no, i learned more in those years about people and the world around them than some people do in a lifetime. in response to this girls blog i wrote:
be prepared. ive been in the industry for 8 years now, and let me tell you, it takes an
emotional toll. think about the kind of person attracted to the job. theyve lived through some sort of sexual or physical trauma in
their life and they take a job dancing as a way to subconsciously revisit that trauma. not all these girls are fucked in the head, but a
great majority are. now think about the kind of men you come across. they no longer think of you as a person but more as meat. that takes a toll.
think about going to the mall. what would you do if a guy smacked you in the
ass, grabbed your tits and asked you for a 50 dollar blowjob. what would you do?
most people would be extremely pissed. however, thats what dancers go through
every night. the only way to keep your sanity is to develop a split personality
of sorts. a stage name helps in that. while molly would never think of doing
things that dancers do and deal with, cherry has developed a thicker skin and
deals with it just fine. most girls have trouble seperating work and home and
just end up resenting men.
 the moneys great, but not all the time. in this recession, dancers are suffering too. with a decrease in expendable income, dancers tips have become lower and lower. they make no wage, only tips.your job security is only guaranteed as long as your hot, bring in big money, and dont piss off your manager. think this sounds like the life for you? only you can answer that. i myself regret getting into the business as it makes people cynical and jaded.
not too mention it creates a 'social barrier' between you and your friends and loved ones. people will look at you differently, its just the way it is. you wont be able to talk about work with them, they may not understand. the only comraderie you may find is with other dancers, and all that does is suck you in deeper.
 the money can become addicting too. imagine you start making 6 grand a month. now you start spending more and soon, you have the bills of someone who makes 6 grand a month. you decide you want out but you cant because, where else can you make that kind of money. your stuck, you hate your job, you hate men, you find yourself resenting your boyfriend because he has a penis, and he secretly resents your job. he hates the fact that other men see you naked and eventually it can lead
to your break up. sounds fun huh? does this happen to everyone? no, their
are exceptions to the rule. but ive known hundreds of dancers, maybe even
into the low 1000s, and let me tell you, your odds arent good...
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