Why the Mods Delete Content. Read before this gets deleted!!!!!

The mods here are involved in a type of international espionage money making scam with it's origins in China. This will be hard for most people to get their heads around, but internet sites like this one actually make more money deleting content.

It all started when PetroChina officials got caught being entertained by Japanese prostitutes while being video taped. It caused such an embarrassment to really high ranking officials that the company has spent 6 billion dollars to date with the estimated cost being as high as 8 billion dollars to have it removed. People are literally offered brief cases full of money to delete blogs or videos that may be embarrassing or politically damaging to public officials. 

Many of my own political blogs have been systematically removed without my permission. They don't do the more recent ones until they are many pages away, so no one will notice. As many of you know I have been warned not to write sexually or politically sensitive blogs, but this is just a cover up on part of eBaum's world to appease their clientèle. They want me to write them hoping someone will pay to have it removed. The mods are being two faced in order to maximize profits.

Do you want to know why there are so many shit blogs on here? It's because they are trying to bury my blogs by asking weirdos to write more bullshit so my stuff gets buried further down the stack. I don't pay much attention to the other content here, I still watch the odd video, but am quite clueless as to what video and other content gets deleted and for what reasons, but there are an awful lot of complaints about it.

Did you ever notice how the mods reward there own for features even if someone else may have posted it first? That's because they get paid to delete the persons content and then eBaum's has full control of the video for full removal at a later date. 

There are companies all around the world now involved in this scheme and eBaum's has joined their ranks!

Need proof go here.....
The link got taken down just after I posted this, but I saved it and placed it in my next blog. Just go to it to see the copy. Amazing stuff boys and girls!

Uploaded 10/20/2012
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