Why Torture People? The American Terrorist?

Most informed people know that many country's governments  torture people for information, including the USA, but is it really information they want? If you read or listen to what high level security personal, including the CIA, Mossad and high ranking American officers, it gives very little if any reliable information. In fact, in many cases out of desperation by the victim, it gets quite contrived and misleading.

So why do it, especially if you are responsible for the safety and security of millions of people? To what end does a tactic that provides bad information give to a country that do such things? Could it be they are just a bunch of psychopaths that get off on such activities? Do they enjoy the deafening screams of pain, the bruised and battered bodies bleeding from their orifices?  Perhaps the person doing the torture loves it, feels empowered by it, but as a national strategy that reason is barbarous at best. So no, it can't be that, there are too many more important things to worry about other than bowing to the whims of  psychopaths.

The Unites States has now admitted, after being caught in many countries, that they employ the tactics of torture. Using the same techniques that the Nazi's used to set up shop in the countries that cooperated with them. The Nazis used torture mainly for experimentation on the limits of the human body in order to build stronger armies and develop powerful weapons. But this cannot be the aim of the American war machine or the political administration. We already have the most powerful weapons, mechanical, nuclear, biological and even stellar. 

I've been racking my brains over this question and I have come to the conclusion that it is possible that the idea of torture in many foreign nations is a kind of terrorism to make people afraid of the power of the US. This could possibly cause a kind of short circuit within terrorist organizations who need to act internationally and recruit from many different locations in order to be successful. This fear, especially in countries like Afghanistan, can also be used to control people in there day to day lives.

But here's the deception that might be happening. For this type of terrorism against terrorism to work, it does not even need to be real or done at the levels we read about in the news or on the internet. There simply has to be the illusion it is happening and that many of the victims are actually innocent. If a campaign of terror to fight terrorism is to be successful it must target the innocent in order to short circuit a growing army of terrorist.

Of course, when innocent people are actually tortured it would cause a backlash, but when it is only illusionary, it keeps them away from making  trouble. Now I know there are many real cases of torture being carried out by security forces around the world and perhaps, well I hope, they are only the guilty ones, but a few must appear innocent for the plan to work. 

I know I'm brilliant and how lucky are you to have me teach you about the real world! 

Addendum: When George Bush used information from tortured Islamic fundamentalist in Egypt, it was to get information about Saddam's connection to 9/11 and his store of weapons of mass destruction. Whether or not the torture was carried out and whether or not the tortured individual actually had information about it, did not matter to the purpose of torture. It was just a means to build a case to invade Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Uploaded 09/12/2012
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