Why will someone not step up and say what really needs to be sai

 This country is in for a terrible suprise if we do not stop offering welfare to these lazy ass disgraces. All they do is set their black asses on the couches in their hoods getting high and playing video games because they have it so easy. They do not have a worry in the world as long as the taxpayers keep providing for their worthless asses. The real Americans that have morals and values work their butts off to provide for there families, so that there kids can grow up humble and follow the good examples their hard working parents set for them. People that do not work and earn what they recieve to meet their needs will never understand the pride that making and honest livng brings to one life. If this goverment keeps providing for these indiviuals that will not put forth effort to succeed in life, this country will steadily declined to a slum, a ghetto, a hood,ect.........

God Blessed The Old USA

P.S. If you do not pick the weeds out of a flower bed, eventually the flower bed will no lon ... Read more ...


Uploaded 10/01/2009
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