Why would you vote for Obama

Does anyone actually understand what each candidate is standing for? I am rather curious as to why people agree with Obama.



Obama wants to tax people making over $200,000....this would be a HORRIBLE mistake. First off, most small business make over $200,000, so I don't see how that's helping them at all. Secondly, WE SHOULD GIVE TAX BREAKS TO LARGE COMPANIES!!!! I cannot stress that enough. We give them tax breaks so they stay in America. Why would a company want to stay in America and get taxed 40% when they could go to India and only get taxed 2%, think about it. We need to give the companies tax breaks so they keep jobs in America.



McCain has stated that he plans to build 12 nuclear power plants to help with our energy problem. This plan would totally break us free from any energy issues. Nuclear power is the MOST effective and low cost way to produce energy so far. Do not listen to the liberal media, they're spitting tons of bullshit about how nuclear power is bad, which in fact it would be the single greatest thing we can do. Obama is against this idea, thusly making us still dependable on outside oil. These nuclear plants can produce  80% of the energy we need....and with all the oil that we have, America would be totally independant and never have to use foreign oil.



This is more of a side note, then an argument against Obama. Did anyone really know that our economy started a decline when the DEMOCRATS gained majority of Congress? Yep, that is 100% true, google that shit. You see people, it is CONGRESS that governs domestic affairs while the PRESIDENT governs the military and International affairs. So, do not be so hasty to blame this economic downfall on the Republicans or Bush.



What kind of experience does Obama have???? Someone please answer me, I really want to know. What has Obama done??? It can be good or bad, I don't care, but what has he done?? He hasn't done anything, he has no experience, he's never done anything, yet you feel he can run our country. If he is president he must take on all of America's international issues. Do you know that Obama wants to sit down and discuss with Iran, North Korea, and other hostile countries? I believe Obama reminds me of a certain British political figure (Chamberlain) and how he tried to "discuss" issues with another hostile country (Germany/Hitler). Do you really want this man that is showing Appeasement towards hostile countries. Just really think about this guys.



Please think about this all you Obama supporters. Really read the issues before you vote for him and fuck up America. Please, do not let this man with no experience hurt our country and everything that we stand for, thank you.



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