Why would someone do this? He dated a girl with two small children that were not his for three years. She cheated and lied to him. She stole and lied to his family and friends that are like family. They broke up. But they are back together. They were apart for about two weeks and that was the happiest I had seen him in three years. She was crazy. He could never do anything but she however could do anything she wanted. He had a time limit but she however could be out as late as she wanted. How can you not see that she was using you? Having you to babysit her children while she went out and cheated on you and participated in consuming drugs. Are you stupid?

"What makes it different you ask? She cheated on you and she cheated on you," he says to my husband and their friend. Why even ask that? What made it different? I can tell you what made it different! I was 18 and still had growing up to do. I know that is no excuse but I have not and will not ever do that to him again. He is my life! And them? They had children together. They worked out their differences after being apart for four years. Did she cheat again either? No! But your girl...did she cheat again? Of course she did you stupid fuck! That's what made it different! She continued to cheat!

He asks us to give her a second chance. Should any of us do it? We have allowed her to borrow money that she did not properly spend. We trusted her and she stole from everyone. She does drugs. When we found that out, we ignored it and tried to let it go. But when she let her 8 year old son shit his self in the pool and her 2 year old run in the middle of the street while she laid in bed overdosed from drugs...that is what changed that view. And the worst part of it is she is using him, making him watch her kids while she cheats and does drugs.

I know what you are thinking, "Stay out of his life. It is his business, let him fuck it up and see what everyone is talking about." Well guess what? You are right. We are no longer here for him.
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