Wildlife at my house.

I didn't think to write a blog for this the day or the day after it happened but our bear is back. He came on Sunday ( July 13th ) for the first time since we saw him last spring. We believe this is because my dad sprayed several old rags with amonia and placed them randomly around the property. He thinks it's the same one as last year because of the way he eats out of the bird feeder; he sits on his back paws, reaches up, puts his paws on the pirch of the feeder, and just tips it so the seeds just fall into his mouth. I have 2 pictures ( they're the same but one is a Demotivational Poster ) in my submissions from last year so check it out and you'll see what he looks like when he eats. You'll also see how freaking huge his paws are. He runs about 500 pounds but he scares really easily so that's a good thing. My dad thinks he might be a cub from 3 or 4 years ago.

The racoons are also here as well. A week or so ago, every morning for about 5 or 6 days, my mom's hummingbird feeder would be on the ground when it was just up the might before. We've discovered that the racoons did it, not the bear as we originally thought. My mom caught him in the act one night, that's how we figured it out. We had first seen the racoon after about half a year about a week before he knocked the feeder down every night. The racoon was just standing on his hind legs in the middle of the yard chomping on something. My dad shined the spotlight on him again and he ran across the yard and up a tree by the road. We're not sure how many racoons there are as we've only seen the one. But last summer, they were in my best friend's ( she lives 3 houses down the hill from us ) just about every night, in the tree eating from the bird feeder. There was a whole family of them then and my friend's family affectionately named them the Rockettes.

We also have deer out here in the country. We had 3 adults and a fawn last time I checked but we haven't seen them in a couple of weeks so we don't know what happened. About a month ago, there were some days where 2 deer a day would get hit by a car at the road that you turn on at the bottom of MY road. We aren't sure if they're any of the ones that come to our house but there's no way of telling at this point.

There are coyotes here as well but I haven't heard them in a while.

Foxes live in these parts, too but I have never seen one up here in all of the 10 years we've lived in this house but my neighbors have seen them on several occasions and my dad has seen them go into my friend's ( other friend that lives about 7 houses down) driveway. Her mom has seen them several times too.


As always, thanks for listening to me ramble.

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