Will Nots, Needs to, Have to, and Want to.-Deadsaid revealed

Will not take meds, Needs to finish chistmas shopping, need to register for school, must make better relationship with dad, have to be a better friend, need to start all grain brewing, must change oil, need to get belt fixed, need to start smoking less weed, need to spend less money, want to grow more weed, misses my dog, have to overcome fear, need to get a better job, need to finish getting my degree, need to decide what i want to do with my life, must stop having suicidal thoughts, have to start talking to girls, need to start working out, needs to be a better grandson, need to make more time for others, need to give thanks to the people who made me who i am, want to start drawing again, wishes i could still enjoy concerts, drinks too much milk, doesn't eat healthy enough, need to find myself, need to go outside, need to wake up, have to do more around the house, need to show more compassion for others, wish i could remember who i was three years ago, need to stop losing weight, need to start gaining weight, need to re-kindle passions, need to become more independent, need to get over my anxiety, need to go camping, need to stay away from the city, cant leave home, need to get my own place, need to shower, need to shave, need to stop lying, need to stop spending so much time on this fucking depressing site.

Uploaded 12/18/2009
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