Will the Real Dr G Please Standup...

   I haven't blogged in a long time.  I have been far too busy with non-exciting crap.  I am working a lot as well.  The days of writing 3 blogs is long over.  I wish I had some of that free time, but getting paid is nice too.  Since I am not around much, I would like to reveal my true identity. 

   I do not have a good friend name Charlie.  He never has died nor have I killed him....not even once.  I know this may come as an intense shock to some of you.  Charlie was just a metaphor for other things I have killed in my life that were important to me.  There is a Lindsay and there is a Roman.  They are in love.  They always have been.  They have never met, but they have been in love since day one and always will be.  No matter what happens in life, they will always have love.

   Lastly, I am the ghost standing in the bedroom window during that one scene in "3 Men and a Baby", I am the annoying itch in the back of your throat that you can't get rid of, and I am the gremlin in your car that makes your favorite song end just as you turn on the radio.  I am the serial killer that passes by your house and goes one block up....this time.  I am the gas you get when you meet that new cute girl in the office.  I am Jack's raging jealousy.  And as Dennis DeYoung quipped, "I'm Kilroy...Kilroy...Kilroy".

   Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow... 


Uploaded 05/30/2010
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