Wine Cork Trivets

Recently I started the business venture of mass-producing exotic wood wine cork trivets. Now, if you don't know, a wine cork trivet is basically a picture frame with a solid wood backing and filled up with wine corks as to make a flat surface. I first saw them in a magazine for about 20 bucks. Note, these trivets were simple, made of pine and oak. I love woodworking, so I decided to make some of my own to sell out of red cedar, maple, oak, pine, and any other wood that is requested. I also do inlays of purple heart, mahogany, or any other exotic wood. These come in three sizes: a large (about 9 x 9 inches), a medium (about 6 x 6), and a coaster (about 4.5 x 4.5). The coaster set is beautiful, a dark, rich cedar with purple heart heart inlay around the edge. Now, the point of this blog is,


How much should I sell these for?

I'd like suggestions for each size, and for different colored woods, if you please. Btw, I also sell trivets and coasters without the corks in them, for Wine lovers who want to use their own corks.

Uploaded 08/03/2008
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