Wisdom and Knowledge

Got this funny notion last night and I'm still scratching my head. So I decided to work it out here.

If someone makes a bold and obvious statement such as, Clinton is a man whore. As true as that is, it requires very little wisdom or knowledge. I could burp a more intelligent statement. Now I'm not suggesting people should not make such simple statements, I do all the time. I'm simply pointing out it has no value.

In order to have wisdom you must have knowledge. Obviously the more knowledge one has the greater the chance they will acquire wisdom. However a more intelligent and or insightful man with less facts can acquire wisdom before having all the information. It might even be said that a wise man with little knowledge is the wisest of all. Wisdom as I see it is the efficient use of information to make a correct decision.

 Having knowledge only requires having insight or need to realize you must have it. Knowledge requires no wisdom. So highly knowledgeable people with no wisdom could potentially be very dangerous. Knowledge must always be tempered with wisdom. I wonder if it is?

Take the internet, the potential for knowledge is limitless however wisdom can be discarded with wild abandonment. I found out a while ago that in many European countries philosophy is still prevalent in society. Here in North America it seems to be abandoned. Society here in North America seems to be traveling down the road of information with little wisdom. A road of this nature is filled with pitfalls and potential dangers!

I feel better now. Or?? Perhaps I shouldn't?



Uploaded 03/25/2010
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