with friends like these

Hey everyone,

i was just bored and figured i'd blog for a minute. Well my best friend (we'll call her Dakoda) she had a baby almost a year ago, and  she now has postpartum depression. well we stopped talking for a little while because she was mad at me for smoking (ridiculous right?) well wehn we started hanging out again her bf was telling her that every time she and i hang out she thinks shes better than everyone, well it turns out that he only thinks this because evertime shes with me shes actually having fun and not up his ass all day. well shes recently broke up with her bf who is actually my husbands best friend,he will not get a job he gets pissed when she ask's him to watch the baby even it it's so she can take a shower. anyway, since they've been broken up she all of the sudden hates me, she told me the other day he went over there to talk to her and all he did was complain about me, about how i've changed (cause i dont let her take his shit) and how i only care about me (if i only cared about me wouldnt I be my best friend? wouldnt I have a shit load of money to spend on MY self? instead of taking my friends out, spendin my gas to drive around town cause they have nothing better to do?) or maybe i've changed because i've realized that i have to grow up, i cant spend every fucking dime i make on finding a way to hang out with them, this is why telephones were invented, y cant they call us? aparently this is impossible, the only way we can talk is if we go over there ourselves, well we have bills we have a budget now, we cant be late on all of our bills just so we can have extra money to spend on going to the movies, or taking them out to eat and what not. so i want over there yesterday cause i hadn't seen her or her baby in 2 weeks, well she prefers me to just walk in as opposed to knocking, she tells me i am welcome in her house any time, so i do just that. anyway, i just walk in and she is in the shower, he comes around the corner and sees me, turns around, goes to the bathroom and tells her " ur little friend is here, she just walked in and didn't knock or anything, so i'm leavin" she tells him what she told me " shes my best friend and is welcome in my house anytime, she doesnt have to knock" so they get in to this fight, and he goes on and on (stills stays on the subject of how i've hanged) so me, being the big mouth that i am, told him "oh i've changed? i'm not "nice"? oh but it was perfectly cool and i was a human being when i took ur lazy punk ass to get aplications cause ur girl wont take u back untill u decide to be a man and support ur fucking child?" ( i was holding the baby while this was goin on, and i am her godmother) she he was like fuck this im out. so she said bye and told him not to take the baby cause we were gonna take her to see my husband at work, and he was like since ur going over there anyway can u give me a ride to my brothers house? so i told him "no, u cant talk shit about me then expect me to do something nice for u, u fuckin dick" so he tried to grab the baby (i have no kids of my own yet, and i treat this little girl like shes my own, seeing her is the high light of my day. anyone who is around her is automatically happy) anyway, he tried to grab the baby and take her, so i jerked back holding her as tight as i could, i told him ur not taking her anywhere, and if u try to take her i will i'll fucking kill u, and i was dead serious, so he steppped back and just stared at me like he didnt believe what i said. so finally he left, then he called her and told her that he was sorry and blah blah blah. he was like can i please come tell my daughter bye  so u guys could go do what u had planned?" she said yeah and when he got there she was in the kitchen throwing in a load of laundry before we left and she didnt hear him come in so i yelled " dakoda ur baby daddy's here" he got pissed and waled over to where i was sittin and told me " i have a name u know" and i told him "i have a name too but u cant seem to remember it unless i'm doing something nice for u" and once again he just stopped and stared then she came running out to make sure we werent killing each otherher then he just left, didnt say bye to the baby or nothin. he just pisses me off, he takes advantage of her, he's even admitted to her that the only reason he lived with her was because she would never kick him out and he knew that he always had a place to stay. so every time i tell my husband that his best friend is talking shit, to or about me, he always thinks im hearing it from "dakoda" and that shes liein, so when i tell him i heard it my self hes always like "well  i dont wanna fight about this" i never try to fight with him about this shit but damn, cant u atleast try to defend ur fucking wife? i dunno i believe i've ranted long enough. if u got a problem with what i blog about or what i say or what the fuck ever, i honestly dont care the world is full of haters so if u dont like it go fuck ur self. peace

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