Witness to the most amazing thing ever!

Over the weekend I became witness to one of the most amazing things i believe anyone could have ever witnessed.  Nothing on the discovery channels could ever compete with the magnitude of awesomeness this event became.

I went to a wedding, and on the alter (gazeebo to be exact) the groom said "I can't"

Like the death of a star, no one actually thinks they would ever, could ever witness such gloriousness in their lifetime.  I was lucky enough to witness this great event take place before my eyes.  It was better than passing a car wreck knowing that death must have occured. (probably better cause you dont have to sit in traffic).  Call me crazy for thinking that what is usually a brides happiest day ending up being the worst possible humiliation of her life was a glorious thing to witness, however it was somthing i dont think any artist could ever portray in a painting, any novelist could have ever described, any actor could have ever faked.  It was glorious.  I now know there is a God and he must really like me.

Before all you chicks get all worked up and tell me how evil I am know this:
1)  the groom cancelled the wedding twice before, stating that he just was not ready, and somthing just didnt feel right.  Instead of the would-be-bride accepting his not wanting to get married, she reschedules the dates (about a month back each time)

2) The groom tried to tell the crazy would-be-bride that he again, didnt think getting married was the right thing to do the day before said glorious event. She being thick headed and obsesed still dragged his ass to the alter the next day.

now ladies please tell me if you woldnt really be evaluating your relationships with the guy if he cancelled the first two wedding dates and still has doubts.

(by the way, its my understanding he never asked her to marry him.  it was her idea to begin with and him being the type of guy who just wants to make people happy went along with it) 

regardless of the reasoning behind it and what may happen in the aftermath, i just wanted to share with you all that after witnessing such tragedy (and somehow having a smile on my face as its happening) that I can now die happy.  My one regret... is that i was too wrapped up in the moment to think to whip out my camera phone and start recording what could have been the youtube moment of the year.

Uploaded 07/15/2008
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