Horace was a small boy with the big dream of becoming a wizard. he informed his MILF, kathryn, of his intent and she looked at his horrible disaster of a child and whispered loudly "horace, you can't be a wizard, they ain't real" and she packed him his sack of fried chicken and off he went to public school.  he day dreamt about how cool it would be to use magic to turn the sky as blue as a waffle and wear a pointy hat.

At recess Horace met up with his friend Ralphie, he was tall and and wore a cardigan, later that evening he would be known as a homo. this has no build up to the plot of my story.

As Horace went home he passed by a comic shop and noticed a man with a great beard and thought for sure he would know something about the art of wizardry. Horace gazed upon this epicly bearded man with glee and asked "dog, you a wizard?" the man looked at him angrily and his eyes went ablaze and responded "FUCK NO, I AM MEPHISTO DEMON OF DEATH, PREPARE TO SUFFER MY DEVIL DICK" Horace attempted to run but all the comics were animorphed into bears, horace used his wand to shoot magic but it didn't work because it isn't real. horace was never seen again and the magic shop was never really there. poor kathryn.
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