White missle defence, system


At the latest nato meeting alll the white nations of the world decided to put up a missle defence system. it seems that our economic imperialism is making the 3rd world angry, our answer?

                  build a missle defence system for all the white nations on earth, instead of stopping all of our brutal trade agreements, imf restructuring, and destroying soverignty with the wto,

we tell our people that were not racist and raping all the 3rd world, so we keep electing them while on the other hand killing innocent people in the third world and making their lives hell thru privitization.

                    when one of these nations, Iran, who we have fucked over maliciously in the past, a nation that has never attacked us, starts to be where we were militarily in the 50's,

we construct a missle defence system to protect the entire white world. It is so fucking blatent

how this world functions and what we do as americans,that to say racism doesnt exist or were not an empire is just simply ignorence, and if your answer to all this is the redneck shit (usa usa! love it or leave it! for example), than make sure tyou know what your supporting, im willing to bet if you paid attention read the news(both sides) half of you mindless patriots would have a very different opinion on whats going on in the world and our place in it.

                    Iran isnt the one building missle defence systems around america, imagine if they were. Iran isnt conquering nations that surround us and threatening us,imagine if they were.

Iran's military isnt active in over 100 countries around the world and have super-carriers on our borders.

                    This is what we do, we intice other nations in to attacking us, or make it look like their going to attack, then attack ourselves (see golf of tonkin,USS liberty) and blame it on them, so in conclusion, my freinds and enemies, the true WMD, is white mass destruction.

Uploaded 11/20/2010
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