Women and Respect

This is a sort of...follow my previous blog about women.

In regards to respect, I believe that respect should not be given to every single woman out there. Respect has to be EARNED for males OR females. One cannot respect a whore.

As far as jobs goes, I'm a woman and even I would be biased about hiring a woman to be a construction worker (this is just an example). Why would I hire a woman over a man who obviously could 1. lift heavier equipment, 2. work faster or 3. couldn't handle working with the men that also worked the job. I don't know how many times women have BITCHED because there were too many men around. HELLO?! If you work in construction, there's bound to be a LOT of men around. The women will complain when the men talk about other women. Get over it already. See why I say men are more logical?

As for women being more creative, I stand strong with that. Yes, men has built these great museums and architecture. But really what IS architecture besides math? I agree that there are great artists who were men. Jesus, ladies, I was just trying to give you a little more credit.

Most women however, do not give men credit for being men. Stop asking them how your hair looks or if your shoes go with your outfit. And stop getting mad when they don't know how to answer or they don't care. Wouldn't you be suspicious if they knew about hairstyles and fashion? That would creep me out. Many women think their men don't want to talk to them. That's not it; it's just they don't want to talk about periods or where you and your friends went. You want your man to talk to you? Ask him about the Sunday football game. You won't get him to shut up.

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