Women Are A Labarynth My Friend

So early today, after reading Tyaeda's latest blog.... I wrote my own regarding the whole "Blog War."  I accidentally deleted it before I could post it.  I'm not gonna brag... but if might have changed your lives.  Well, not really.  I basically just said what I appreciated about everyone's different style of blogging on here and how there is room for everyone to coexist.  I only recently started to post my own, but have always read them.  Because I was a dumb ass and deleted it I now am going to rant a bit.

So long story short...this girl wanted to be to put this delicately..."fuck buddy."  I got nothin better going on so I said, and I quote..."Yes."  So things are going alright until one day I go to her place and she gets angry at me and says all I want to do is sex it up.  (Now, we weren't friends before this, we just knew the same person)  Am I missing something here??  It's not like I kicked down her door and demanded anything.  Is this a trick you ladies like to play??  Lure us in with the lady parts and what have you, then all of a sudden we are together??  We ended it all, but man... how does a girl go from crazy texts and leaving dirty messages to turning it around where this is all I care about?? 

I like the single life.  It suits me.  I threw in my Jay-Z 99 Problems and slept well that night.

Uploaded 09/28/2011
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