Women in the military

Ok I know that this blog is going to piss a lot of you off; you will disagree with me and provide reasoning. I strongly encourage your feedback. It is my opinion that, based upon my understanding of what women can and can't do while serving in the military, that women should not be able to serve in the military. You say I am against women's rights and that I am ignorant. You say that I don't know what I am talking about and that women have a lot of good qualities and talent that make them an excellent contribution to the armed forces. My reasoning does not relate to this; I believe that women are equal, and I strongly believe that women have a lot to offer the military. My issue with having women serve in the armed forces is that from what I understand, they are not armed. Men are the front line, men put their lives on the line and when a man turns 18 he is required to sign up for the draft; women do not seem to have this responsibility. If a man joins the army he is required to serve where needed he may be extremely intelligent but if someone needs to carry a gun, from what I understand, it is going to be him. I am not saying I believe that women should have to put their lives in danger, I simply believe that the concept need to be reformed. If women had to sign the draft but not be placed in danger and were given the right to serve on the front line by choice I would feel more comfortable about women serving in the military. Anyways this isn't meant to offend the women that are serving in the military I am truly greatful for your service. I simply am basing this upon what information I have been given about the subject and would like to hear more, I am open to changing my mind on this matter. 
Uploaded 10/15/2011
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