women vs men

i have been doing blogs about rules for the last 2 months, now i want to do a few on the differences between men and women dealing with normal daily hygiene.

Men.  Use a soap bar.
women.  use a soft facial scrub with microbeads made to left dead skin off the face and help reduce wrinkles.  after that they use a body wash with extra moisturizers to help reduce damage done by the sun.

Men.  Use shampoo.
Women.  Use the latest in hair care science.  made to lift dirt from the hair and help lock in moisture.  then they apply a conditioner with some kind of plant extract that has a long name.

Men.  use either a shaving cream or a shaving gel.
Women.  Put on a moisturizer first then use a special blended shaving solution to reduce the chance of nicks and razor burn,

Now people will say i'm just being an ass, or i have no clue what i'm talking about. 

But let me ask you this.  How many men have a cluttered sink top, or bath tub, or medicine cabinet?  also how many women have actually read up on what microbeads are?

microbeads are usually the remnants of dead plant life like algae or seaweed.  they're not some specially created cleaning substance.

wrinkle reducing creams are just moisturizer. with vitamin e added.  check the ingredients.
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