I am in a very bitchy mood. I'm not even sure how I got this way because I don't remember anything getting me mad, except maybe the Tucker Max thing.


Women: I am so fucking sick of you fucking every guy you meet! For fucks sake, why do you feel like you have to open your legs to EVERYTHING. This gives every good woman a bad name. It's no wonder why men feel like they can fuck any girl who comes their way. Stop being such a whore and close your fucking legs.


Men: Stop treating women like some tool to fuck. You want that? Get yourself a blow up doll! Treat women with at least SOME fucking respect! I know most of them don't deserve it but come on. You don't need to whistle, make lewd comments, or touch any of us. Trust me, you're not the shit. You never will be.


And finally, I know that not every woman out there is a whore and not every man out there is an asshole. Most are though. I hate most women I come across for the simple fact that they are disgracing our gender. I hate most men I come around because they think that they have to fit into this "college going, pimped out asshole" just to "score some pussy". Shut the fuck up.


Uploaded 08/07/2008
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