Womens' Double Standards

MrStayPuft brought up the double standard with his 'genders-in-media.' blog.

 I remember an old, choppy vid game from late 80's to early 90's. It was called, "Custer's Revenge," if my memory serves me, it showed white cavaltymen forcing all 8 bits into Indian Squaws.

Womens' groups were LIVID.

A few years later a shitty song called, "I Killed Earle," or some shit, was recorded telling the story of a woman who killed her husband. It was a hit and is sung every kareoke night at your local honky Tonk.

Eminem was crucified for singing sbout killling his wife.

A woman cuts off her cheating husband's penis while he sleeps and it's fodder for jokes on late-night TV. What do you think would happen to a guy who cut off his wife's boobs? Would we be able to ac as if it were funny. (It's not funny; it's HILARIOUS!!!!!!!)

Hey, Sugar-Tits, you want to be equal to men? Fight for equal treatment when you are victimized AS LONG AS YOU ASK FOR EQUAL TREATMENT WHEN YOU FUCK UP!

Can't have it both ways, Honey. Choose.... Want to be equal or not?

Uploaded 06/18/2010
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