As I'm fadin' out ,I don't feel anything at all. Another short and sweet lyric to a band I truely love. But, I'm here to type about my inner demons that bother me (yes, I've been drinking, but who hasn't on this great Labor Day weekend).

For me, It deals with family, we all know family deals with unity, being loyal, and respecting/loving one another, but in my case...not so much. A lot of changes have occured in a year for me( not being a victim, but being a mere witness to it all) Being a witness to these "things" has annoyed me and frankly pissed me off...and ever since, has had it build up inside me with angry if you will. I'm very much the laid back type, who doesn't show much anger...but when I do, I release all hell. It may be the Irish/Italian blood that flows through my veins, but even so, we all have our emotions.

In my mind, family is the number one thing that I truly care about (then again who doesn't) but when a mere idiotic incident occurs within a family, it affects everything and everyone, like myself of course. It pisses me off and things have never been the same since that "incident". Being innocent and having nothing to do with such an incident, puts yourself in a lost/strange situation.

Holidays, getting together just to hangout, birthdays, whatever, it has been ruined, and I can say it will never be the same ever again (least in my mind). Sure, I can be rebel-like towards the situation, but my major is Criminal Justice, so why risk it over such an issue. If I weren't, then I a second. All I can do is see and what is going on just as a pathetic's sad. I would love to take action towards the issue, but I cannot since legal action has been taken. I'd rather stay away from all that bullshit, I've seen how the courts work already.

Enough of my "bitching/complaining" I just needed to vent alittle.

The whole summary of this blog is that to appreciate family because if a incident occurs, it really sucks, b/c like I said family is always there for you. To have that missing in a way just isn't the same. Seeing the people you once enjoyed great times is gone, and even if you see those individuals again in time, it's just not the same as the first.

I apologize for the downer blog(I'm usually creative and fun creating blogs) But I'll promise next weekend will be much more uplifting that this.

Thank you for reading.




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