The worst thing in the world is getting wood in school. Today I was let my mind wander in my math class. I sit a couple seat behind this perfect Egyptian girl. Yah i said it, Egyptian. She is crazy sexy, she has the best ass Ive ever seen in person and she's always flirting with me.

So Im there dreaming about sticking it in her pooper and my cunt of a teacher decides to call on me and tells me to do some shit. Im not listening so I get lucky and she tells some one else to do whatever it was. So back to my day dreaming.. 

Fucking bell goes off.. I get up with a semi on and walk out the door. Im just walking down the hall with a not bad blonde in front of me and one of her yappy little friends thinks it would be funny if she pushes her back. So this bitches fat ass knocks right up against my wood. Im pretty sure she didn't notice... If she did I woulda cock-slapped her friend. 

From then I was in the clear, just started adding numbers in my head and thinking about what most of the people from Ebaum's look like naked.... But still.... Wood sucks... In school, not in my hand.

Uploaded 01/13/2009
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