woodcock on autism, vaccines, and the end of america



I just noticed that yesterday I received a message on my profile from somebody I never heard who goes by woodcock. The message was:

Here's one for ya smart-ass.....The

Amish community has always refused

vaccines. There is not one Amish child

on this planet with Autism you fuckin

zombie sell out piece of shit. What gets

me about you folk is you just buy

whatever the media sells you be it CNN

or FOX. Both media whores controlled by

big bankers with a hard on to kill our

sovereignty. One day when your laying in

a mass ditch full of other dead

Americans it won't really matter then

cause you will be dead.




I haven't done any blogging about vaccines nor have I had any contact with this woodcock person. I'll take the bait and debate it though. I do agree that people who think vaccines are the cause of autism are dumbass. Is there no autism in the Amish community? It didn't take much searching to find cases of austistic Amish. It also didn't take much searching to find out that many Amish communities DO vaccinate their kids. The rate of autism does seem to be lower in the Amish, but I'd attribute that to lack of diagnosis. The Amish are very insular and take care of their own problems. Just like 100 years ago, most autism there gets diagnosed as generic mental retardation and other learning disabilities. So woodcock's assertation that Amish are never autistic and never vaccinate are both false.

Many think that the mercury content in some vaccines can cause autism. The mercury chemical used is called Thimerosal and is a preservative. You probably get more mercury from eating a few cans of tuna than is contained in your childhood vaccines. What's more is we haven't used ANY mercury in vaccines (except some flu vaccines) since 2001. This is not due to recorded cases of injury but rather to shut fucking kooks up and inspire them to get their children vaccinated.


From the CDC webpage: "

Since 2001, with the exception of some influenza (flu) vaccines, thimerosal is not used as a preservative in routinely recommended childhood vaccines."





Yes, vaccines cause something in children: lack of mumps, measles, diptheria, and whooping cough.


I'm interested in how my belief that vaccinating my children is in their best long term health interests would eventually get me "laying in a mass ditch of other dead Americans." I'm also interested in how I gave the impression that I take anything that the television media broadcasts with anything but a grain of salt. The only news media I use with any regularity is NPR. I understand that some uninitiated have some problems with NPR (which are never specifically addressed) but it is certainly not run by big bankers with a hard on to "kill our sovereignty."


I encourage you to look at woodcock's profile page. It is a mishmash of Loose Change/Zeitgeist conspiracy theories and fetish/shemale submissions. This is one interesting bird. I'll be messaging woodcock to ask him to reply to this blog and maybe I can get some answers to my questions and get some insight as to what's going on in this person's mind.

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