Work Day In Progress

I left for work this morning just like every day. I decided to stop at the coffee shop before heading to the office. I was sitting in the back booth when a young lady ask if she could sit down. Of course i said yes. We started talking about the stress of working at this office complex and decided to call in for a day off. We went to the amusement park in the next town. It was a fun day with all the cares of work never entering our minds. We left the park with stuffed animals and other prizes we had won. We stopped off for dinner at a nice club.After dinner and wine we went to the movie theatre and saw the latest movie. We had a great evening. When we got to her place it was late, so she invited me to stay. As we were undressing, getting ready for bed i heard a loud noise. I rolled over and looked at the night stand and it was 6:45am. That is when i realized that it was my alarm clock and all this was just a dream.  Till next time, belly up to the bar and have a drink on me.

Uploaded 03/14/2009
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