Working for The Man!

This story is completely true but some details have been changed or deleted to protect myself from legal challenges or even assassination. I can't reveal the names of the individuals involved, because if I did I would be destroyed.

This happened over twenty years ago and I have lost any relationship with these people. The family is extremely rich and powerful with ties to Jewish and British aristocracy. This experience made me realize how little people know about those who run our lives, our business', our countries, our world. It was also the foundation to my hypothesis that the world is primarily run by psychopaths. Some people here will remember and cringe at this idea, but this blog is not about that. For those who are unfamiliar with this idea, I have suggested that the world is run by people who display no empathy for their fellow man and are willing to do anything to obtain what they want. Since, this is roughly the definition of a psychopath I have suggested the world in ruled by psychopaths. Most people here disagreed, we had some great discussions and my hypothesis ended there.

The stories I am going to write here are disconnected, they are just windows into a world of those who really dictate our lives. The names if I made public would not mean a thing to most of us, but to the few, in the know , would start a wave of whispers and gossip that could shake the foundation of the world we know. Within this circle, their indignation for the common man is well accepted, but for one such as I to reveal the nature of a particular family in this forum would cause a feeding frenzy by the other blood thirsty cabals. In order for such societies to protect themselves from the common man a discretion of allowing me into their realm and then revealing the private lives of the upper crust  would bring on a Crucifixion as to distance themselves from my sources.

Over time and in subsequent blogs I will tell the stories. I will reveal the nature of these stories here with short titles to wet your appetites.

Famous and valuable art transported in the back of a pick up truck.

One hundred and fifty pound treasure chest.

Dudley the dog and his recovery.

Crash of the Seven Hundred series BMW into the Japanese Embassy.

 Telling The Governor General to Fuck Off  at the Back Door.

Find the Portrait of my father and I will give you the gallery.

Well known son of battle axe mother, tells black maid to, " get out of the fucking way you stupid nigger".

Well known son of battle axe mother tells his step dad who is on deaths doorstep, " HA, what the fuck you going to do about it you old piece of shit, chase after me for your Mastercard?

Battle Axe asks me to choose the colors for the rooms in front of snobby designer.

Battle Axe, the plumber and I get drunk on a long lost store of Napoleon Brandy, looking for a leak in the boiler system.

Battle Axe is a kleptomaniac.

Battle Axe's son takes me to lunch. Suggests I am his mother's gigolo.
We all judge the world based on our experiences, very few of you will ever see the things I have seen. It is a huge part of the puzzle. I am a common person so I will share them  with who ever will take the time to read my blogs. I can't reveal too many details as it would endanger my life.

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