Working for The Rich and Famous!

I can understand the angst of people who are toughing it out against people who do well for themselves. Personally, I do OK, but fuck, renovations is hard work. Dusty, dangerous and unromantic. However, I enjoy my work. I take pride in what I provide and in most cases, the people I serve reciprocate the effort I put into things.

The rich and famous are no exception. Those I have personal contact with are the most trusting and generous people I have ever known. Now you might think that is because they have uber bucks and don't give a shit.  That truly is not the case. Sure, my reputation is based on many years of  being in peoples homes, never once taking the opportunity to indulge myself into their personal effects.

It is however more than that,  the rich people I have known are in fact among the best people I have ever met. Sure there are some jack asses who were for the most part public servants, judges, lawyers or city managers. The self made man such as business owners or professional sportsman have always been kind and generous to me.  This may seem trivial to most of you, I have no idea, but there seems to be a deep resentment for successful people in general.

The US has for the most part avoided the resentment for success and understood that  few achieve it, but it is available to all who strive for it or work hard towards it. This may seem obvious to most, but it it is the key to the concept and realization of the American Dream!  Long live America!
Uploaded 08/04/2011
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