Working with a Hangover

Im not sure if anybody else has ever experienced this but god knows, i would not wish this torture on my worst enemy. After a night of drinking and getting to sleep at about 3:30 am, i had to wake up this morning for work at 6:30 am.

I work in a callcenter for a bank the lets just say the people calling are all lucky to have grade school education. Or they are just lonely assholes who call up callcenters for conversaton. They call to chat about the weather and see how i am. Im at fucking work asshole how the fuck do you think i am? While you have the day off on this lovely saturday, i am stuck at work. Yet, you feel a need to call and talk to me about Jesus and the death of michael jackson. How i have not wrote down one of these bastards addresses, went to their home with a sawed off shotgun, and shot them in the torso is a miracle.

But back to what the blogs about, working with a hangover. It fucking blows. Every person who calls seems dumber, my co workers are more annoying and i just want to slam my eyes onto scissors just to go home. My brain is about to explode. 3 hours of sleep is not enough to wake up and get right into work. Im sure i got a couple people here who know this feeling. It is by far worst then anything imaginable. You just want to sleep and relax but your stuck at work.

Fucking bills.....

Uploaded 06/27/2009
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