World Mafia?

I just finished watching the epic movie, The Italian Job. It's basically about some English thieves that rob an Italian version of a Brinks truck transferring four million dollars in gold, back in the day when there was a gold standard. The operation is funded by some Lord who is locked up in prison, but has full rein of the place including the guards and the warden. Quite an amusing film if you like sexy women, car chases and great acting.

The Lord funds the heist  based on the idea that it will give England an advantage over balance of trade and therefore makes the robbery a noble cause.  A kind of bloodless  coup de grace, where only the Italians themselves kill anybody.

It made me think of how countries can use and do use financial instruments, tools and levers to achieve an advantage over other countries. It's something that's being going on for many years and that control has run deep all over the world. From the fruit companies in South America to the mineral reserves in Africa to cheap labour in Asia, the planet has been raped successfully for the last couple of hundred years. Now we have policies being dictated from the United Nations regarding our very behaviours? It's as though the entire planet is being played by one hand. 

How the fuck do I find patriotism  when the table has only one side? Organized crime has decided to get together and pick off the easy meat. What can we fight for that isn't provided by our lords and masters? Who do we serve?  They  bathe us in complete bullshit? 

I wish I had a plan, a country, a fucking rich son of a bitch, that was willing to form a team and take down the corruption that plagues our world. But they are all in it together, because they are getting old and have no fight left in them. They pulled in all the cards, control all the chips and built a club house only for them. 

Well fuck you, "Sirs" it's all coming down and the reason is obvious. You've got no game. Like a spoiled child you threw a fit and we'll all have to start over in the morning. Oh what a glorious morning that will be!

Uploaded 08/30/2012
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