World-Wide Wonder

   Everyday a billion and one amazing things happen, from someone in Texas finding a twenty in the gutter to a five year old girl in Beijing saving her whole family from a burning building, and tomorrow will be the same, because nothing about our species' insistence on a pointless existence will give this view on life any solid base.   We are miracles, mutations unique on this planet in the eyes of the evolutionists, and to those creationists out there who need some affirmation to get through their hum-drum existence, I quote Genesis in saying that the One and only God Himself gave us His own breath after forming our flesh from the dust, and intentionally made us to be like Him, or, "in His own image".  

   To those who might say that out in the universe there MUST be a planet in similar conditions to ours that harbours life, just like our little rock, I can admit that could be true, out in the reaches of space a sectillion light-years away there may even be a species identical to ours, save for a pair of tentacles and gills, or who knows, but I believe in something even more bizarre.   We are alone in this universe; This planet called Earth is the only home to life in all existence, every inch of the universe, parralel dimensions too.   I think that God created an infinite realm of space as a gift to Himself, but also as a love-note to humanity.   We are His most preciouse work, the cornerstone of his endeavors in this plane of existence, and to prove it he was willing to assume a human form just long enough to show us a way to not be such evil, rotten shits after we disobeyed His only rule and learned how to be so, and to ransom us to Himself, so that the covenant that had been made so long ago would'nt be what keeps ALL of humanity from entering the gates of Heaven when the time comes.  

    All you have to do is acknowledge His divinity, and His sacrifice, and you may become a joint inheritor of the greatest thing of all, a personal relationship with Love, Power, Peace, a personal relationship with the only thing that has ever truly had importance, Which is God Himself, Jesus.   I pray that everyone who reads this may be moved to seek out Christ, but I'll settle on even ONE Christian getting a little morale boost from my words, because I wrote this in Jesus' name, and I may not be much more than a speck in the eye of God, but I know that He loves me, just like He loves all of you too.   Don't be afraid of Love, it is powerful enough to destroy, but all it ever does is heal, create, empower, in other words, it is good, because God is Love. Amen.

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