Worst Vans Warped Tour Ever

Yesterday I went to the warped tour with my best friend. It was my 4th warped tour and I had not seen Nick in over 6 months. Last time I saw him was at his birthday/departure party in early febuary. He moved up north, 8 hours of driving away, with his girlfriend. He did it for a job offer and also because the girlfriends parents live up there.


Back to the warped tour. When we got there we realised we were both 10 years older than most other people there. We have been going to the warped tour since the very beginning, 15 years ago. Things were way different back then, the punk scene had just emerged back with new ideas that were left in the 70s. It was a bunch of kids who didnt care to look in fashion and were looking to have a great party. Nowadays, kids seem mostly obssed about how cool they are gonna look with their studded belts, emo hairstyles and walmart-punk clothing and accesories. Punk has been shamelessly glamorised and somehow, lost its meaning. I consider that we were lucky to have Less than Jake, Bad Religion and NOFX this year. Those 3 bands were worth paying 50$ for a ticket.


Even tho the scene has quite changed and I feel like I dont exactly fit in anymore I always loved to go to the warped tour. Its a great day to spend outside in the sun with your friends, getting shit faced. Then there are all these tents and stands with loads of free shit: buttons, stickers, bracelets! You can buy all sorts of cool t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, bags, shoes. You get offered free magazines, passes to a new movie or a free veggie sandwich a KFC on behalf of PETA2 ! After that you can move on to go see some dudes skate on a half pipe, go play a little rock band on a big screen TV or even watch a small wrestling match. Those are all very cool things to do when there are no bands that you want to watch playing on one of the 5 stages.


Yesterday we experienced a huge rainstorm all throughout the day. It started raining not even 1 hour after Nick and I got there. We did a 45 minute lineup before we got in and then we went to pee and smoke a joint. We moved to the main stage to watch less than jake and thats when mother nature pissed on us. It started lightly and it was bareble for about an hour and then shit got really nasty. It started pouring so fucking much you couldnt even see the stage from a certain distance. People started to rush under all the big tents. There was lightning and thunder. I had to waste a pack of pocket kleenex so I could use the plastic wrap to put around my cell phone to prevent water damage. My shirt was so wet, you could tell the color of my bra and my eye makeup looked like alice cooper's. I had to share a tree with strangers to avoid having water in my poutine.


So since I caught the flu last week and I was freezing under the pouring rain I was feeling like shit and at 4pm I had to go home. I missed half the day, saw only 1 band and had to leave my best friend alone. He didnt mind staying by himself because he was gonna mosh in mud while he was still on his E high. I still felt like shit because it was all about spending this day together. When he came back we had some chinese food and spent a few more hours together before he left. I feel like our day was wasted and I miss him again already.

Uploaded 07/12/2009
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