Wow 50 points for enterring a Blog

What an easy way to get 50 eRep points.  All you have to do is write a blog, even if it is empty and pointless.  I wonder how many blogs I can write with next to nothing in them.  Maybe I will just start posting the jokes that are too long to fit into the joke submission box.  Well whatever I do, here comes another 50 eRep points.  Thanks eBaum!

PS - I just found out when I tried to post this, that you can only enter a new blog every 5 minutes.  So I am going to continue typing now in hopes that I can waste another minute or two before trying to post again.

PPS  - I thought it had been 5 minutes, but maybe the counter restarts every time I try to submit again.  I guess I will just go surf for 5 minutes and then come back to enter this blog.  It is starting to not be worth the 50 eRep points, but who am I kidding I will wait it out for the points.

Uploaded 08/13/2008
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