So Im a full time student at Senton Hill in Pa. I go to school all day and I work 5 hours at night. Thats just to give you an idea of how tired I am when I get home. I have a 60lb pitbull boxer mix. Im 240 solid muscel and this dog drags me around like he's walking me.

I got home yesterday and I did my normal routine. I did the dishs, made dinner, cleaned the house brfor my girlfriend got home, and I let the dog out. Now I live on about three acres of ground and there are woods behind my house. I let him out on a long chain so he can tire himself out. Well, I guess he saw something he really wanted to get to because when I went to go check on him he wasn't there.

I got my shoes on and headed out to find him. I was looking for around ten minutes when I saw him. My dog was chasing a rabbit. Well I really didnt want to go after him and we have trained him not to leave the property so I figured let him have his fun. I went back to doing my thing.

About an hour went by befor I decided to go check on him again. This time my dog was chasing a ground hog. I just started laughing at this point. I  decided to let him go for another half hour befor I would bring him in.

Well after I was done cleaning up I remembered I had to go get the dog. I went outside and he was at this bush at the end of my property. I yelled for him but he didnt come( my dog always responds when I say his name). So I got up to the bush and there my dog is sitting there gaurding a litter of baby kittens. He must have been chasing all the animals away from them because as sson as I went to pick them up he started to bark. Well I took the kittens in and my dog wont let anyone near them. Its just funny seeing this big tough looking dog taking care of these little kittens. Thanks for reading.

Uploaded 09/15/2009
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