Those of you who have at least a slight interest in the sports are probably already aware of the extravaganza that the NFL is trying to make out of it's draft. So, WTF NFL?Do you think that making it a three day event makes it somehow more appealing? Because it doesn't. Do you really think putting the draft on Prime Time television is going to increase the audience for this event? Because it won't. In fact, this great idea might even backfire. I've heard some guys say that they're not going to be able to watch the draft this year because some fucking show they watch is having it's season finale or something (yes these individuals have been confronted about their faggotry).


I'm not even sure how to watch the damn draft this year. I usually have a draft party, where there is plenty of food, grilling, beer, and what not going on. I usually like to be pretty hammered by the time my team is on the clock (which usually results in me being shocked by the pick/not sure what is going on, in a good way though.) Can't do that this year though. The first round has a day all to its self, a Thursday at that. I'm at school, I have a test on Friday, which ultimately means no draft party and no getting hammered (just a bit buzzed). I am having a party on Friday when I get home, but it just won't be the same.


The draft is not a regular sporting/television event, the people who watch it every year will be the people who watch it every year.




That being said, I am interested to see if there are more trades during this years draft now that it is a three day event, and I am liking that new OT playoff rule...


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