WTF people.......

The republicans really make me sad to be in the U.S. they basically held millions of people's unemployment hostage and demanded to keep tax cuts for their rich friends. Obama did the best he could I guess, under the circumstances, but its got to wake people up, right? This has got to show people that the republication are just working for the corporations and not the interest of the people. They have been bought. Then again so has most of Washington, Its a sad state of affairs when the majority of Americans watch Fox News and and literally brainwashed and lied to by an organization that pretends to be fair and balanced. People eat it up. Sure it is fueled in part by racism, and I'm sure some people and just uneducated. It's just insanely hard for me to believe that most of America is more interested in Lindsey Lohan  than  who is bribing our senators and state reps, and its legal. Lobbyists really do give money to politicians to support their interest. This is bribery. No one seems to care. Then America and the retarded ass Tea Party vote in more of these assholes. Now they have control and will block anything we try to accomplish, its not bad enough the republicans ruined the economy and blamed it on Obama, then spread lies about his health care bill. Why do people think they have their best interest in mind? Is it because they appeal to the christian right sheeple who will do exactly as they are told without question? Probably. As for us who take the time to think for ourselves, we are stuck. All we can do is try and educate people..... before the world falls apart.
Uploaded 12/07/2010
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