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Ok, you guys know I'm not outspoken about my political views, I'm an independent and I try to stay open to both sides even though I've already pretty much made up my mind on this election (McCain). It's not my style to write blogs championing my choice, supporting one side or slamming another.


But this latest revelation has me flipping my fuckin lid. Obama is being forced to return tens of thousands of dollars to contributors who I guess donated funds to him illegally (not really sure how you can "donate illegally"). No big deal... except that the contributors are in PAKISTAN.


This begs the question: Why, the fuck, are foreign nationals - people who are not American citizens - taking an interest in our presidential election? What could they possibly stand to gain by trying to influence our next president? Why are they doing so in an underhanded and incognito fashion, to such a degree that if discovered (as they have been) Obama would have to return the money (as he is now being forced to do)?


But above all, of all the foreigners who might want to influence the outcome of the next American presidential election... PAKISTANI'S?!? Am I just prejudiced, or does that SCREAM terrorists?! Why the fuck are people in Pakistan - WEALTHY people in Pakistan, by the way... that kind of narrows down the list, if you care to consider what kinds of people in Pakistan have that kind of money to donate - why are they interested in our election? Why do they care who's going to be our next president, and our next Commander in Chief?


There's one answer that stands out loud and clear to me, but I'm a Marine so perhaps I'm just biased. Can anyone provide me with some insight on this? Because I'm starting to get really uncomfortable with the way this shit is adding up. He attends a Madrad - an extremist Islamic style school - as a child. He subscribes to Jeremiah Wright for 20 years as an adult. He launches his political career in the living room of a domestic terrorist who, on 9/11, was only upset that he didn't set off more bombs. And now, his campaign is being funded by unidentified but mysteriously wealthy Pakistani's who have no business influencing an American presidential election.


You all know how I feel about conspiracy theories, but seriously, I'm starting to wonder if Obama does indeed need to be killed before he gets a chance to take the reigns. There are just waaaay to many fuckin connections here to keep shrugging it off as coincidence, mistakes and poor choices. My protective instincts are beginning to kick in here. I really, REALLY don't like it when a fuckin presidential candidate starts triggering my inherent desire to protect my country.

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