x22tizzle seriously...


Cut the fucking name calling and obtain some sort of point when trying to tell me off.  This bullshit name calling is unoriginal, and it's not even funny.

Name calling proves 1 or two things

- Immaturity

- The inability to come up with anything yourself.


Are you still all pissy cause of my blog about wallboy?   You think you own him or whatever, and that's just fine.  But there's enough troll in him to go around as you can see in the mass amount of hate despersed by our fellow ebaumers.   There's a bunch of people out there who write about him, so if you want to "own" him, you're going to have to come up with something good.  Like cmon: "takes out bat and proceeds to smash wallboys skull in" ... stupid all on it's own.  But you put it into a blog that you ripped off some other unoriginal bastard who still talks shit about Britney Spears...  

I've read your other blogs as well.  Also not that funny.  I read the comments.. they were funny... only because they were talking about how lame they were..   Plot - lame, not funny, unoriginal, etc. 


If you want to war about this,  that's cool with me.  I'm not fighting over wallboy though.  I'll say whatever, awesome, things I want, about whomever I desire... and no person calling me a "*****" is going to stop me.  (wtf was that supposed to be anyway?)



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