Ye Ol' Maytag!

My home has been the place of last resort for many appliances as I seem to come across them during renovation projects, just as my own appliances breakdown.  My lovely wife, bless her heart, is the Dragon Slayer of home appliances.  I'm considering buying her conducting batons to usher them in and usher them out as my sweaty face gleefully carries them all the while concealing my inner voice saying, " Take better care of this shit and you won't be in a panic three days before Christmas". 

Some might argue I should buy new, more modern appliances. Been there, done that. I do not want to speak ill of my wife here, because she is probably the best hearted person in the world, but man she can bring down an army of appliances in short time. I think the scrappers will one day pay homage to her jousting of the common home appliance.

Sure as sin, our last washing machine, one year past the seven year extended warranty had a fatal heart attack. Don't worry, this machine had it coming, the spin cycle was obnoxious, starting with a clumpy tee clump, followed by a tang tang tang finishing off with a wackata, wackata, wackata for five maddening minutes. 

Well, the sweet Old lady I am renovating for fell,  busted her hip and won't be venturing down into the basement to wash her clothes.  So, I have now inherited (for $50.00, she is old school Dutch) a 1968 washing machine built in Iowa, USA.  What a hog of a machine, it must weigh about 300 lbs.It was sold to her last year through a used appliance store and the damn thing has an Ontario Energy Efficient Approval sticker dated 2011!  

Anyhow, I hooked this mother load up,  gave it a spin around the block and she purrs like a kitten. The buttons from my shirts hitting the dryer drum make more noise than this relic from the past, and I haven't even leveled it yet!  

Anyways, as of today, I love my Maytag washer. This will be one beast my wife will. " NEVER TAKE DOWN!!!!
Uploaded 12/21/2011
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