Yea..its that kinda blog...

ok so im in this situation and i was hoping to get some actual feedback other than calling me a slut or a whore or anything like that. though i know thats inevitable and thats fine im just looking for the 5 people that'll give me a straight up responce..

so theres this guy in my bio and english class and i always thought he was really cute. we became friends on facebook and i saw he had a gf. well we still flirted a lot and he even asked for my number and also went as far as to say we need to hang out.

i asked him about his girlfriend (this is all through texting) and he said "eh  its complicated..too hard to explain through text" so i just left it at that and we eded up making plans to skip classes the next day together to hang out, and i was planning on bringing up the gf cituation again

when i did he said that he had "unintentionaly lead her on" and he didnt really want to be with her anymore but is "looking for a good time to end things so it doesnt hurt her"

so long story short i ended up fucking him, and i know it seems really wrong and i was planning on not doing it if it came to that, but really, i couldnt help myself..

and before you guys start saying that im just some naive really not. im not the kind of girl that gets all emotional and believes every piece of bullshit a guy tells her. i really dont put emotion into things, and i truely belive that hes a nice guy and means what he says unless he is just that good and is totally playing me.

so i was just kinda wondering what you guys think...i realllyyy like him and want to keep seeing him but i don't want it to turn into us just fucking all the time because ive been down that road with a guy i had feelings for and i got screwed over..

so what should i do?

Uploaded 09/27/2008
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