Yeah, I Said It Want To Fight About It?

So we got our first day of of sixty degree weather and how did I celebrate? You ask. I made an ass of myself. Ok so its probably no secret most car salesmen swear like sailors. Why do people think sailors are so foul mouthed? I always thought gays were better than swearing, I digress. We all swear a lot and we say some pretty rude and offensive things when no one is around. But every now and then we have to shove our foot right up our own ass (ass sounded so much funnier than mouth), by we I mean me, of course.So I get paged for a phone call, so I walk inside and answer my phone call. Its a young, attractive and single girl I sold a car to a couple of months ago. She was puzzled by a pretty unique feature her car had so I explained how it works. With some heavy flirting through out the whole conversation (Hey I don't see or talk to her that much have to make my move when I can) anyway, after my flirting I placed my phone onto the receiver. I immediately fell ill with diarrhea of the mouth. I spewed this wonderful sentence: "Man I'd like to f$@# her!" My fellow salesmen at there desk surrounding me, you can imagine my puzzle when none of them laughed aloud as I expected. Then I turn around in my chair and I see the Salesperson at the desk across from me looking at me like I just kicked a kittnen into a wood chipper. Then he started motioning that there was a customer at the desk next to his. Yup that's right a couple trying to buy a car had been sat down at a desk only a few minutes be for I expressed my deep burning desire to plow this girl. Luck me though they didn't complain or say anything a salesmen that saw their reactions said the man laughed and the woman then glared at him for laughing. So in the end the customer has a really funny story to tell his buddies about buying his car (Yes, they bought it), and I didn't get in trouble so I didn't learn a thing. Further proof I can do whatever the hell I want, and get away with it. HA!

Uploaded 07/18/2010
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