Yeah, I'm back

It's very coincidental that I should come back as the same time as another long lost ebaums blogger did. Platypuss, I hate you for stealing my thunder. Kind of. Well....about as much as I hate douchebags who pop their collars and wear their fitted hats at just the precise angle. Don't you hate those dickbreath low-life sons of bitches? They buy the most constricting pink or robins egg blue shirts they can find. Pop the collar on them, and go out. I want to kick them all in the face repeatedly until they bleed out.   ....  

In other news. I am also back. After an incredibly long time without blogging I've decided to come back onto ebaums. And do you know why? BECAUSE THERE'S NOTHING TO DO IN FUCKING SHIPPENSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA!  If you don't know shippensburg let me explain it to you. Deliverance. Done. This is one of the smallest towns I have ever seen. The campus has got to be twice the size of the town. SO! Let  poppa Godly start tellin you some stories children. Sit down right over here. No. Over here. GOD DAMNIT TIMMY! OVER HERE! That's better. Now mommy gets to live doesn't she? Yes she does.

So like any college campus there are parties. Most parties are to socialize get plastered and pretend like being good at beer pong validates your existence. Parties here have all that don't you worry. But our most basic reason for partying is that it is an escape from the monotony of everyday life here in bumble-fuck, PA. (Funny side note, safari just corrected me on the term bumble-fuck. I had it sans the line and it corrected me. Well I'll be a horse's ass.) Of course eventually we're going to start killing ourselves off because the monotony of classes will soon be replaced by the monotony of going to the same shitty places. With the same shitty beer (natty. Whoever created natty should burn at the stake) with the same people playing the same shitty game. Notice I didn't call the people shitty. That's the only thing I love here.

I live in the dorms and we all hang out and do shit together. It's why I haven't taken "chrome to the dome" yet. We're like a sitcom. There's Eddie-flaming homosexual who is more dramatic than any girl I have ever met. There's my roommate David who is religious beyond any i've seen. And if you aren't one of the original bloggers you may not know that I was once one of the main people on here to have religious debates. As my old theology prof. said after finding out who my roommate is-god does have a sense of humor.

There's me, Dan-the funny loudmouth douchebag who says what he feels like(gotten in trouble a couple times for that) an assortment of alcoholics, potheads and jocks. The Jocks are the ones that most surprised me. Back in high school...jocks were jerk-offs. we all know that. But here they are some of the nicest people I've ever meet. Leading me to discard all me previous notions about people.  So far we're all still alive and haven't gotten kicked out. One of us already has two underage strikes out of the three we get all four years.....its been a month.

Let us see what is interesting that I can talk about. Rambling on is usually pretty fun but it's normally nice to have a general topic. Fuck it. This blog is long enough as it is. God forbid you bastards take three minutes out of your busy ebaumsworld schedules to listen to an ex-bloggers return. You'll see me around more. Unless I die. Or am in jail. Or (least likely) I find something to do in this place.  

-thegodlyone has spoken...kind of

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