Yesterday's ride

so I was going to this club with my buddies benny and robbie g and there was this chick at the bar benny like and she kidna liked him too I guess lol so they danced and she soon was all over that guy so I think lol lucky guy and we keep tallking with robbie g about a movie we watched a day before, the movie was so stupid lol. Like the kind twelveyear olds watch lol but that's not what I wanted to write about. So this chick comes to the bar and we order a few drinks so benny wants to go to my crip and I borrowed him the keys to my honda. So later we wanted to get back home with robbie g but there was no taxies around so I say walk yo. So we walked and its a 10 mile walk lol and there was a band of maybe 6 black guys about to pass us by. So robbie g was like oh shit those guys are gonna rob our asses yo. lol but they just walked by I almost crapped my pants lol So we got home and it turned out the chick robbed benny. She drugged him and took our stuff. lol it's so ironic that the black gangsta type guys left us alone and I was sure they had guns you know those dangerous types and this chick used Banny and took his wallet lol
Uploaded 07/28/2011
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