Yet another Ghost story of mine

Ok so me and my brother where playing basketball and it was 11:18 and we heard something next door it sounded like laughter but all the lights were off in the house so we knew that everybody was asleep next door so we continued playing after 20 mins of playing basketball we hear the laughing again so we both grab a chair put it up agains the fence and look over we she this little girl dressed in white shoes and pink sweat pants and sweat shirt but we couldn't see her face because there was a tree in the way so we just stare at "girl" for about 3 straight mins and she doesn't move but she would laugh from every now and then she beggan to take step after step comming our way so my brother truns to me and says "Lets get the fuck out of here!" so we go inside and watch Employe of the Month(I love that fucking movie)and we had 2 bags of popcorn so after the movie we went to my room to play Halo3(great game)and we heard the laugh 1 last lime in the middle of the game then my bro said "Its getting late we should go to bed now" so I agreed he left the room and I layed down for a while and looked out my window and the girl was still standing there I was very quiet and my room was very dark and I hide behind the curtins to look outside finaly I though its just some clothes or something the figure looked at me and I got scared as fuck! I sill have nightmares to this very day

Uploaded 08/04/2008
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