Yo car is how they see ya

So Ive seen lots of people ridin shitty cars that look pathetic but they say they don't need tohave a fast car or one that looks cool because they dont race or any of that. That's the wrong idea because the cooler your car looks the better because other people can easily tell wheter  youre cool or not just by looking at yo car lol so I thought I write you some tips on how to make your car look cool First of all you need a good sprots car they always a good choice buy a honda definitely that's my favorite car and then you need to pimp it up. yo yo yo waut don't start doing it before you learn the basics lol You need a cool stereo and neons even if you don't race. NOS is also a good choice because you can impress whoevers taking a ride with you by pressing the tubro switch lol I'm kidding but that's a cool thing to have in your car so put it in there. You might wanna ask your cool buddies who already have pimped up rides for more tips. You can aks me any questions about the subject and I'll try to answer them lol
Uploaded 07/30/2011
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