Yooooo, You too?!

Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup Ebaumers?

'Cho boy here!

I was just wondering about a little something that happens regularly to me.


Here it goes:


Okay, so you just finished packing down a bowl or two, and you've become Fuucking hungry, and you make yourself a mawfucking Feaaaaast of the best and the most delicious micro-waveable foods. So you sprinkle on some salt and peppa and crack open some Ice tea. Now you're making you're way to the living room. You sit down, move the pillows a 'lil so it's JUST right and then proceed to look for the remote control. Once found, you react by saying something along the lines of "siiiiick" or "awww yee" etc etc. So NOW, you're flipping through the channels skipping all the sports and news shows and then suddenly you find it, it's the one, THE show you want to watch. My personal fav, Seinfeld, Aww yee. Anyway, You get ready to bury you're face in that feast of yours but then something absolutely horrible happens. It switches to the commercial break. So now, suffering from the BIGGEST buzz kill on earth, you sit there, but you do NOT dare eat your food. Something comes over you that says "Yo man, this will taste a whole lot better as you're watching the show." BAM! So now you're left watching dull commercials and timidly eating crumbs off your food, waiting, oh, just waiting. But then, just as you thought that it would never end, your program comes on. AWWWW YEEEEEEEEE. All hell breaks lose.



Anyway i was just wondering if any of you have experiences this dilemma.


Hit me up.




I <3 Haters

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