You don't have to listen you know....

Let's just put this to rest... ok?

No, I'm not in charge of the blog section, and never claimed to be.   I may have come off as a little bossy or entitled in a blog or two I wrote about what happens here in the blog section, and for that I apologize to some (not all) of you.   I know that I am by far not the best blogger on this site, and by no means plan to convince anyone of that.   I don't claim to be in control of who is and isn't accepted, and thus allowed to blog here.

But now, this whole thing has been blown WAY out of proportion....    It seems like every troll feels obligated to put their two cents in, and try to put me in my place.   Some people are just using my mistakes as troll ammo, and will use anything they can to try and get a rise out of me, including grammar, and blogs I wrote more than 6 months ago, or drag this drama into other blogs that have nothing to do with the subject.  I'm not singling out anyone in particular... there are a few of you, and you and everyone else knows who you are.

There's absolutely no reason to discredit the Quality Bloggers Group.   Many of them also do not agree with my approach or opinions of the blog section, so my opinions certainly do not represent them, no matter if that was my intention or not. 

I, and everyone else should realize that people come here for different reasons.  Some people take the blog section more seriously than others.  Also, what each of us appreciates in a blog differs as well.   It's just as wrong for you to assume and generalize, than it is for me. 

I wrote this blog to apologize to the real contributors of this section, that I respect, and to express  the fact that I stand by my opinions of the blog section (except embeds... my bad).   I am proud to be a member of the Quality Blogger group, and to actually be voted Best Blogger of 2010 in the Ebaumy Awards (or whatever they were called... I forget).  Despite how wrong and stupid of me it was to use any of that as credibility here, there isn't a troll on this website that will convince me to take this blog section any less seriously.  However, I do respect the opinions of all of my friends here, and apologize to them for starting this bullshit, and making a mess of the blog section. 

From this point forward  I'm not going to feed the trolls by commenting on their hate blogs or comments.  I'm not going to try to prove anything to anyone, whether or not I think they're completely stupid, hypocritical, or full of themselves.    In fact, I plan to ignore the haters and wait for this all to blow over.   A troll is nothing without a victim and an audience... you guys can drag this out as much as you want...  just try and pay attention to how stupid you're making yourself look while doing it.

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