You got to love this.............

I took my daughters car to get the trunk sealed today and I had to spend about 4 hours at the shop. While I was there me and the attn. talked about everything that guys talk about like fishing and football and the usual and of course it came around to politics. It was great talking to an Obama supporter without name calling. Its funny how its like that when you cant hide behind a computer. We talked until his shop closed and then we went out for a couple of beers. We discussed all the problems of this country and solved none of them of course but we both came out of the conversation with a new friend and fishing buddy, we are going out next week to a lake. When we left the bar he turned to me and said "I was 100% Obama but now I just dont know" and the funny part is I was 100% McCain and now I am not sure. I guess the point to this is when I go to vote I will vote for McCain but now I wont be so sure.


Stop talking about politics in person because it just confuses the situation and you find out WE ARE SCREWED! lol


PS sorry ahead of time to potolet and his head ache because of my grammar. Oh hell who am I kidding I hope you have a headache.


Thanks for reading Bohank

Uploaded 09/22/2008
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