You Know What Grinds My Gears?

   Do you guys know what really grinds my gears?  People who use phrases, quotes, and ideas from movies and television to communicate in life...especially in blogs.  I mean can't people come up with their own stuff?  I mean, I even tried to join the Blueman Group over this.  I thought it was a group for depressed guys.  Turns out it is a group of guys in blue paint doing a percussion based show with ping pong balls.  I was "just a bit outside" on that one.  I mean, C'MON!  If there is a fight for free speech, I'm your huckleberry.  I just can't stand by and listen to people "sample" movies and TV in a conversation. 

   Just like the other day, I say a buddy walking down the street so I said, "Johnny Tyler!  You madcap!  Where you going with that shotgun?"  He turned around to see who it was and he tripped.  He let out a, "D'oh!"  I was like, "HA HA".  Then I was coming back from a business trip and I was sitting next to the single most interesting single serving friend I had ever met.  He gets up to go to the bathroom and says, "Now a question of etiquette.  When I pass the stewardess, do I give her the ass or the crotch?"  I know I have heard that somewhere.

   Early today, while eating thanksgiving dinner with some friends, they kept quoting movies and TV the whole time.  I was just like enough!  I said to Tyler (he's a close talker), to Marla (she's a low talker), and to Wyatt (he's got the jimmy legs), "Can't you guys have a converstaion without quoting something?!?!"  They got mad and yada, yada, yada, we got into a food fight.  I got up from the table and had food hanging off of me.  I said, "I know I look like quite a fright, but I still look good cause I'm (*CLAP*) kid DYNO-MITE!!"  Then I left their apartment because I had to get to work down at the radio station...WKRP.  I heard my boss, Mr. Carlson, did something stupid today.  So I'm on my way down there now.

  I'll just leave you with this bit of advice...there are plenty of decaffeinated brands on the market today that are just as tasty as the real thing.  I am serious too, Jerry.

Uploaded 11/26/2009
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