You mean...From the Desk of R I N

It's come to my attention that Eagle, a guy I never had a problem with, whose blogs I actually quite enjoy, has stolen a bit of my material.

I pm'd him in the wee hours of the morning cuz i was having HTML probs with tune embedding, which I wanted for effect, seeing as how my current blog was to be about annoying-ass embedded blog music. Coming on to submit said blog, my eyes caught his latest - an impromptu take on annoying-ass embedded blog music.

Since I'm never gonna just throw an original work away cuz I make a few jokes, shared a few basics, and find they've been run off with before receiving a reply stating, "I FELL ASLEEP FOR AWHILE", I'll just go ahead with it like usual.

Of course, I had to change the title to make it apparent that from here on out, anyone checking out Eagle's latest will have to replace the header with: From the desk of RIN.

*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *

It's time some real tunes surfaced for once, down Blog way. Although worlds apart in their own respects, being subjected to A Religious Freak's 700 Club Excerpts or Weeb Faves - From the Failed DDRE Tracks Bin have one commonality which binds us all in ways far outside their intended context: if it's shit going down your throat, you're not gonna care what color it is.

I prefer not to treat my mute button as if it's on a game controller, but the inevitability of bad taste will remain as rampant online as it is in the parking lot outside. Fortunately, the remedies for such are far simpler:

A.  You can remember to hit mute before attending the Blog sections altogether.

After all, the main purpose is to read in the first place. Trying to focus through a bombardment of audio stimulation of which induced seizures is insulting to both blogger and reader alike.

On one hand, wtf kind of substance is there from one who deems it necessary to up attraction and staying factor much as a children's television network? Probably none, which could be the idea behind the noise in the first place. You're there for relatable scenarios, intelligent musings, and comical witticisms. If the assumption is that audio and incoherence are required for you to read anything, then the assumption is you spend your days watching Nickelodeon.

On the other hand, you may be 10 years old. Crap media may have sullied you to the point where you can gain nothing without plenty of pretty colors, ongoing synth, or rapping animals. You enjoy a blog consisting of small words that when put together, still barely makes the minimum character level qualifying it as a half-book report. Any blogger worth even a grain of salt would be well-advised not to cater to you as their target audience to begin with.

B.  Like when any douche tries to impress you with ear-shattering sound, turn yours up.

You never knew smeary, squishy crap could break the sound barrier, but you can at least ensure it never sinks permanently into your subconscious where it can suck away your soul, in turn giving you the smell of feces, by refocusing on the good stuff.

A huge, cleansing blast of your own audio magic should clear the area of evil and leave a lasting reminder. If on a website, have no qualms about forcing everyone else to fuck with their volume settings off and on for about an hour, or set up your pawns repeatedly in the form of what's actually good about your favorite genre. Point is, you gotta let some of these douches know there are others in this world as well - and while you're at it, show em how to properly own it.

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